Friday, April 13, 2012

In Construction: is "Get It In Writing" Important?

Business forms for the Building Trade Professionals. Be smart - work smarter - protect yourseft - get in it writing
New to construction or considering going into the business?  Then you need to read this before bidding on another project.

Homeowners are now looking for more professionalism in an contractor.  Professional contractors are those who provide potential customers with clear proper written contracts.

Main reason why?  "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it is written on."  Quoted by Samuel Goldwyn. Source from
  • Contracts/Proposals/Agreements/Additional Work Authorization spells out exactly what work is to be done and what the cost will be
  • Construction Cost Estimates the materials and labor that will be used to cost the job
  • Homeowners will not be blindsided with any costs
  • Waivers prove there are no outstanding liens on the homeowners property
  • Avoid legal battle - "Protect Yourself" with written contracts
When you work on an customers home, having proper written contracts is not an choice, it's indispensable.

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Provide your "customer references" list to the customer using Contractor Workbook memo or note.

Presentation is everything "Be Professional Look Professional" homeowners are wary of hiring a contractor who doesn't show professionalism.  There are other experienced and reliable professional contractors in the area.

Homeowners take the time to find the right contractor who they feel they can trust in their home and with their money.  In short, they are looking for a professional contractor who is skilled, experienced, honest and shows professionalism. "Contractor Workbook" provides all the necessity contracts that backs up your professionalism.  Go ahead and try Contractor Workbook trial version for 10 days FREE no credit card required.