Monday, October 28, 2013

Are you a Builder, Contractor, Painter, Landlord or Homeowner planning to renovate in a PRE-1978 Built Housing? BEFORE You Start You Must READ THIS!!

DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL Contractors must be lead-safe certified and it's the law to be compliant?  Lead hazard is serious in homes that were constructed pre-1978 which may contain lead.  This lead contamination is a dangerous health concern to our love ones.  Don't allow these dwellings risk the lives of our love ones.  Get Your Lead-Safe Certification - find out how here.  

THE DANGER CAN STOP WITH YOU - How can you help?

Learn Everything You Can About Lead

Be informed - Be certified - Be Smart - Practice safety - Educate your customers and employees.  Report uncertified contractors.  Enforce EPA lead-safe hazard safety law by being compliant with keeping accurate records.

EPA Record keeping doesn't have to be a burden, we got you covered with EPA Lead-Safe Workbook. This software program keeps you and your company in compliance.  Our EPA Lead-Safe Workbook assists you in keeping great records.  Personalize your forms by adding your logo with a click of a button.

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